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Inflatable Pontoon Boats
Kristy Annely

Bryce Whitmore designed the modern whitewater inflatable pontoon boat, and in fact designed several models. The one that has been produced the most is a three-tube model of unparalleled maneuverability and load bearing capacity. This boat which is fourteen feet overall, can carry 6 passengers, their baggage, and a guide.

Not all Pontoon boats are 14 feet long. Some are 8 or 9 feet long as well. Pontoon boats come in all sizes and prices from $200 to $1,000. Users looking for an 8 foot Pontoon should expect to pay $500 to $700 for a new entry-level boat.

9-foot inflatable pontoon boats would cost between $700 and $900, but would offer stability in rivers with some white water. It should be noted, however, that Pontoon boats are not recommended for use in rapids rated higher than Class 2.

Inflatable pontoon boats are also called "belly boats" and are popular for fishing. They are lightweight craft with a rocking chair. Inflatable pontoon boat owners say they like the freedom from trailers and ramps, as well as the Pontoon's stability on windy waters.

Pontoon boats for fishing are small, usually not more than 8 feet long. How it works is that two Pontoons sit on either side of the user. Pontoon hulls are shaped in a V hull pattern, greatly minimizing water resistance by slicing through it when paddling and allowing for excellent maneuverability.

The Inflatable Pontoons are connected by a frame, which also contains the paddles and the sitting area for the user. Inflatable pontoon boats are paddled similar to a rowboat, and the frame of the Pontoon boat makes paddling these boats easy.

Inflatable pontoon boats with comfortable seats, oar locks and storage platforms are the most popular these days. Float tube users sit low and heavy in the water, but Pontoons perch people higher above the waterline and, with oars, are much more maneuverable.

Inflatable pontoon boats with corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminum frames are durable and maintenance free. The Pontoon surface should be covered with polyurethane coated fabric, as it does not break down over time.
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