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Inflatable Boat Trailers
Kristy Annely

An inflatable boat trailer is needed if the user has a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), since those boats have only a deflatable collar surrounding a solid hull. RIB's are regular boats in many ways. A true inflatable boat does not need a trailer but in some cases the user may want one.

Larger inflatable boats can take some time to inflate and be assembled completely. If the user has an inflatable boat with an outboard motor, they may prefer to get it ready at home before heading to the launching area. In that case, an inflatable boat trailer may be necessary.

The requirements for an inflatable boat trailer are the same as for a conventional boat except that the user will not need the load capacity necessary for a conventional boat because an Inflatable boat is much lighter.

If the user is looking at used trailers, they must be sure to inspect it carefully for any damage that may already exist, be sure it has functioning brakes in good condition, check the wiring for the lights and see if the tires have sufficient tread.

Some trailers feature a tipping frame that hinges and allows the boat to enter the water without having to back out as far as with a conventional boat trailer. It also makes retrieving the boat easier because the user can get under the bow quickly.

While all packages of Inflatable boats are portable, an inflatable boat trailer allows the user to keep their boat rigged and ready to go. A common inflatable boat trailer features an all welded steel frame, a roller on the back for smooth launching, 13" tires, tie down loops, sealed beam lights, spare tire mount, a 7' X 12' bed, a 1500 lb. capacity and a weight of 300 lbs. Some inflatable boat trailers include aluminum, galvanized and steel frames, for both fresh and saltwater use.
About the Author

Inflatable Boats Info provides detailed information on pontoon, rigid and fishing inflatable boats, as well as trailers, repairs, used inflatable boats and manufacturers. Inflatable Boats Info is the sister site of River Rafting Web.

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