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Sail Boats
Thomas Morva

This article provides detailed information on Sail Boats.

A sailboat is a small vessel that uses the wind on its sails for necessary direction. Keelboats, yachts, trimarans, skiffs and catamarans are some of the types of sailboats.

Sailboats today generally cover three different purposes: day sailing, cruising and racing. Day-sailing boats can come in different shapes, sizes and forms, and caters to different palates from the quieter kinds who want to enjoy a calm day on the water to those with a proclivity for adventure. As its name suggests, day-sailing boats are largely manufactured for daytime use and generally come with no, or minimal, facility for overnight accommodations. Day-sailing boats can be broadly categorized into two types. The first are the uncomplicated, smaller kinds: dinghies, windsurfers, catamarans or other relatively small cruisers. The second are the keelboats, which are larger and kept exclusively on water.

However, for those who want to spend a weekend out in the sea, there are boats for them too. Known as cruising boats, these vessels have the necessary amenities, like sleeping or dining spaces. Notwithstanding their greater size, cruising sailboats are customarily built for handling by just two people. Cruising sailboats generally include accommodations for a few people, a cooking space; complete with icebox and a stove, inboard engine etc.

Sailboat racing is thrilling sport that that can be enjoyed with friends and family in just about any sailboat. There are two forms of sailboat racing. In one-design racing, it is obligatory for the designs of the competing boats to be the same. Generally, the person with more experience and skill prevails here. The other form of racing is Handicap racing, where different boats line up against each otherFind Article, irrespective of the varying degrees of size or speed.

Sail Boats provides detailed information on Boats, Sail Boats, Used Boats, House Boats and more. Sail Boats is affiliated with Boating Accessories.

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