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Great Reasons To Start Boating This Spring!
News Canada

(NC)-Thinking about pursuing a new, exciting family activity this year? Consider boating - it has so much to offer.

  1. Boating, in its various forms, is a recreational activity for the entire family.

    Recreational boats are used today for a variety of activities, including sailing, fishing and water skiing, in which all members of your family can participate. It's a great way to share experiences with children and generate memories that will last forever.

  2. Canada has some of the world's most beautiful boating waters.

    From May to September, travelers come from all over the world to explore the miles and miles of Canadian coastline. Why not familiarize yourself with the diverse geography of the different regions of the country by boat? Avoid traffic congestion from cars by using a boat instead. Get up-close and personal with the country we call our own.

  3. Boating is the best bargain in recreation.

    Buying a boat is one of the best investments you can make in family recreation. Surveys indicate most people who don't own boats believe prices are 30% or higher than they actually are. But you'll be surprised to know it costs less to buy and operate a boat than you'd think. For example, a spirited catamaran sailboat costs between $5,700 and $8,400. Looking for Canada' s most popular boat - a 17-19-foot outboard-powered family runabout? It will only cost between $10,900 and $19,700, on average.

  4. Your family will never get bored with boating.

    Because boating incorporates many skills, from reading charts to angling, you'll constantly be faced with new challenges! Continual learning will mean you'll never get bored. By boat, you'll see the extraordinary beauty of nature - things you' d never see on land. Discover wildlife, beaches and wilderness. You'll be amazed!

  5. Last summer was fantastic.

    Boaters had a great time last summer, fishing, skiing, sailing and cruising. Don't miss out on the family fun this year. It's easy to become part of Canada's growing boater community.

For more information about boating and to order a free CD-ROM with exciting boating information and tips, visit Discover Boating at

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